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Bassett Furniture Industries Employees Disaster Relief Fund

The Bassett Furniture Industries Employees Disaster Relief Fund has been established at MACF to provide assistance to employees of Bassett Furniture Industries (BFI) who have been impacted by a "qualified disaster” (as designated by the Federal Government). Applications must be completed and submitted to the Foundation for consideration. Instructions to apply for assistance are included in the application below. 

BFI Employee Disaster Relief Fund Application




Martinsville Area Community Foundation's (MACF) scholarship application is now open. MACF has 13 unique scholarships that will award more than $240,000 to local students this year. The application period will close at 4 p.m. on March 1, 2018. Interested students may learn more or apply online.

Spring Grant Cycle

Now accepting applications for the Special Interest Grants 

Grants Programs

The Martinsville Area Community Foundation awards grants for a broad array of charitable purposes to benefit the communities we serve. Qualified charitable organizations are eligible to apply to the funds listed below if your program meets the Fund's criteria.  


Applicants are required to submit proposals using our ONLINE application process. 

                       Click here to apply > ONLINE GRANT APPLICATION

Questions? Direct all inquiries about the grant process or application to April Haynes or Kara Gilley at 276-656-6223.

Grant Opportunities

Community Impact Funds- The Foundation holds and administers a number of Unrestricted Funds. These funds were established by donors to meet a broad range of community needs as determined by MACF Board and staff. Collectively, these funds will be called, "Community Impact Funds". Your grant request must be between $500 and $1,000. These funds are typically made available in November of each year. 

  • Ivey C. Stone Fund
  • Martinsville Area Unrestricted Fund
  • Kathryn Ascough Smith Memorial Fund
  • William H. Bason Jr. Unrestricted Fund

Special Interest Grants- These grants are made up of the Foundation's Field-of-Interest Funds. A description of each fund is below. Applicants will need to complete only one application with all the required documents to apply to all health and quality of life funds. Grant requests must be between $250 and $50,000. Organizations that submit an application will be asked to make a short presentation on your proposal to Foundation staff and board members.  These funds are typically made available in February and August of each year. 

  • Cancer Center Fund- makes grants to provide and promote health services and educational, diagnostic and treatment resources to victims of cancer and related conditions in the Martinsville community. 
  • Dr. John D. French Legacy Fund was established by Linda M. French in memory of her husband, John. This fund will support organizations serving children and families.
  • Hermes Family Fund- makes grants generally to provide and promote breast health services and encourage development of diagnostic and treatment options for residents of the Martinsville community and to support other charitable activities and projects that improve the quality of life in the Martinsville community.
  • Hospice Fund- makes grants to provide assistance and services to any needy resident of the Martinsville Community with end-of-life medical needs and expenses, and such assistance may be provided directly to such needy residents and/or by grants to organizations exempt from federal income tax. 
  • Martinsville Area Endowment Fund- makes grants to provide health services to needy residents of the Martinsville community, to support health-related teaching, educational and research programs and generally to provide for the medical care of the Martinsville community. 
  • Medical Education Fund- makes grants for the support of continuing medical education for students in the Martinsville Community and healthcare professionals who practice in the Martinsville Community, regardless of those professionals' employment relationship or affiliation. 
  •  Robert Harrison Smith Memorial Fund was established in memory of Harrison Smith and supports organizations that assist handicapped or disabled persons. Priority will be given to organizations that provide assistive equipment to individuals with disabilities.

Women In Philanthropy Fund -  Women In Philanthropy  an initiative of Martinsville Area Community Foundation. It is a member-driven group of women that pool resources together to make large-impact grants to local non-profit organizations. MACF will issue Requests for Proposals in June from local qualified charitable organizations.  Proposals must be at least a $10,000 request. Applications are due in July. Each applicant organization will make a presentation to WIP members about its proposal. All WIP members receive the proposals and a ballot to vote for their chosen organization. The agency or agencies who receive the most votes will be awarded a large impact grant of at least $10,000. Grants will be awarded at a special WIP event in September.