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Disaster Relief Fund

An effective response, regardless of where a natural disaster occurs, requires sustained involvement on behalf of donors, responding organizations and a myriad of other actors.  The bulk of disaster dollars are often allocated during the emergency humanitarian relief phase (with a focus on emergency food, shelter, water, sanitation and health care).  Emergency relief is vital.  Still, experts agree that disaster relief dollars are insufficient to meet the medium- and long-term needs of disaster-affected communities. 

 Community Foundation of Western Virginia, Inc. (d/b/a Foundation for Roanoke Valley and Martinsville Area Community Foundation) has established a Disaster Relief Fund in order to respond to  catastrophic events as they occur.

 How will the Disaster Relief Funds be used?

100% of all donations (except any online credit card processing fees) will be used to respond to the complete timeline of the disaster management effort: from immediate relief to recovery, and then to reconstruction and rebuilding.

Who will the funds support?

The Disaster Relief Fund will support nonprofit organizations and public entities that have a defined role in short-term and long-term recovery efforts by providing critical services to individuals, families and communities impacted by the disaster.  Each nonprofit or public entity who receives disaster relief funds will be carefully vetted by the Foundation to insure the most effective and efficient use of the monies raised.

How can I make a donation?

Donations can be made online here. Checks can be mailed to Martinsville Area Community Foundation at P.O. Box 1124, Martinsville, VA  24114. Please designate your gift for “Disaster Relief”.  Donor Advisors may also recommend a grant to the Disaster Relief Fund by submitting a Donor Advised Fund Grant Recommendation Form.  All gifts are tax-deductible.



This information details the Foundation's grants program. Please be aware that the Foundation receives many more worthy requests than it can support.


MACF's grant program currently operates through an online application process. Qualified charitable organizations are required to submit proposals by the appropriate deadline. The Foundation supports qualified nonprofit organizations primarily in the city of Martinsville and the counties of Henry and Patrick. Consideration may be given to organizations in other areas when specified by the donor. Proposals are initially screened for completeness and eligibility. Foundation staff will review proposals and conduct preliminary research, including site visits. Reports are prepared for the Board of Directors, who then determines final grant recommendations. Grantees are required to report on the funded project no later than one year from the date of the grant. 

What We Look For

The Foundation looks for projects and programs where a moderate amount of grant money can produce significant results. Proposals must fall within the purpose of the fund to which you are applying. We look for innovative but practical approaches to solving community problems. Applicants should show a well-planned approach to address important community issues; a base of other support (financial, participatory and voluntary); efficient use of community resources; involvement of underserved constituencies; and coordination, cooperation and sharing among nonprofit organizations and elimination of project duplication. Organizations should demonstrate present and future sustainability and provide identifiable outcomes of the proposed project or program.

Funding Restrictions

Foundation grants are usually awarded for the accomplishment of a definite purpose within a specified time period - normally not more than one year. The Foundation's discretionary funds typically do not support the following:

  • Individuals
  • Deficit reduction
  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments
  • Fundraising events
  • Sectarian, fraternal or religious programs (However, grants may be made to faith-based organizations for secular projects.)

Applying for a Grant


Applicants are required to submit proposals using our ONLINE application process. 


Tutorial Links

Applicant Tutorial PDF

Required Templates

Program Budget Template

Questions? If you have questions about the grant process or application, please contact April Haynes or Kara Gilley at 276-656-6223.


General Grants Process Timeline

Cycle Applications Made Available Proposals Due Grant Decisions Made Notification Date 
Special Interest Grant Cycle  July  Mid-August  October  October 
Women In Philanthropy Grants June 14, 2018 July 20, 2018 September  September
Community Impact Funds November Mid-November December December

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