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Bassett Furniture Industries Employees Disaster Relief Fund

The Bassett Furniture Industries Employees Disaster Relief Fund has been established at MACF to provide assistance to employees of Bassett Furniture Industries (BFI) who have been impacted by a "qualified disaster” (as designated by the Federal Government). Applications must be completed and submitted to the Foundation for consideration. Instructions to apply for assistance are included in the application below. 

BFI Employee Disaster Relief Fund Application




Martinsville Area Community Foundation's (MACF) scholarship application is now open. MACF has 13 unique scholarships that will award more than $240,000 to local students this year. The application period will close at 4 p.m. on March 1, 2018. Interested students may learn more or apply online.

Friends of The Foundation

Become a Friend of the Foundation

Martinsville Area Community Foundation brings good people and good causes together. We are indebted to the many people who have helped and continue to help build a strong and vibrant foundation to serve our unique and wonderful community. Our Friends of the Foundation program is a great way to get involved with the Foundation. The Friends program honors donors who provide annual support of $500 or more to be split between our Martinsville Area Unrestricted Fund and our Administrative Fund. This enables us to address a wide variety of important local needs and provides us with the support necessary to carry out our daily work in the community. Friends are recognized in our annual report, website, and other publications as well as at events.

Please consider making an investment in our continuing work by becoming a "Friend of the Foundation."

Friends of the Foundation Fiscal Year 2018

Mr. Jim B. Frith Jr.-Partner 
Marilyn B. Hooker-Partner 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lester- Partner 
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Madonia- Ambassador contribution in memory of Ivy. C. Stone & Clay Gravely  
Mr. Stephen Crickard - Partner 
Marjorie Sutton Memorial Foundation- Partner 
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Pace- Ambassador
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pinkard- Partner
Mr.and Mrs. Sam Tate - Ambassador
Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Chaney - Partner 
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Mallinak-Partner
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Huddle- Ambassador 
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hensley- Partner
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pannill- Ambassador  

Friends of the Foundation Fiscal Year 2017
Mr. Worth H. Carter, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Chaney 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ehrat
Mr. James B. Frith Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hensley 
Ms. Marilyn B. Hooker 
Mr. and Mrs. Gideon C. Huddle 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lester 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Madonia
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Pannill
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pinkard 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Reynolds
Mr.and Mrs. Williams A. Sibbick
Marjorie Sutton Memorial Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Snyer 
 Mrs. Margaret S. Toms